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Prenatal Chiropractic in Bulverde

Neck adjustmentSet yourself and your baby up for a healthy birth through prenatal chiropractic care at Blossom Family Chiropractic and Wellness. By using the Webster Technique, Dr. Amber can help you balance your pelvis bones, ligaments, and muscles so that your body is under less tension and your baby can achieve optimal position in utero.

Dr. Amber is a mother of three children who understands the complicated emotions and the feelings of discomfort that accompany pregnancy. She wants to ease your current pain in pregnancy and set you up for easier labor and a more optimal birth for both the baby and the mother.

Less Stress for You and Your Baby

Webster is a very safe and gentle technique that is purposefully trying to create balance in the pelvis and nervous system while increasing comfort during pregnancy. Similar to other chiropractic care methods that address neurological imbalances, Dr. Amber uses Webster to help improve a person’s adaptability.

If a pregnant mother is unable to adapt and her nervous system is stressed out, the baby’s nervous system also becomes wound up. By relieving stress in the mom, the baby benefits, too.

Enjoy Quicker and Easier Labor, Plus Pregnancy Relief

In addition to a higher level of adaptability and a lower level of stress, pregnancy chiropractic care leads to better positioning and a very high chance of reduced labor time.

Plus, through the use of pregnancy pillows, Dr. Amber helps pregnant moms enjoy secure, comfortable relief in being able to lie on their stomach.

Get Started Today, Even if You Aren’t Pregnant Yet!

Don’t wait to get pregnant before you come in. Before conception, we can help prepare your body for the development of your future baby.

As soon as you are ready and wanting to have a child, contact our Bulverde office to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a healthy pregnancy.

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