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New Patients at Blossom Family Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Amber with childWhether you and your family are completely new to chiropractic care or have some past experience at another practice, we are delighted to welcome you to Blossom Family Chiropractic and Wellness. Our team is committed to providing you with personalized care and support, starting from your very first visit.

To help you make a smooth transition into life-changing, neurologically-focused chiropractic care, here’s three things to prepare you for your first visit.

New Patient Paperwork: Fill out relevant information, including medical history, before you come in.


Dress for Comfort: Come in relaxed, wearing something you can comfortably move in.

Plan for 45 Minutes: That’s the average length of the first visit, which includes a consultation, physical examination, and a nervous system scan.

Scanning to Map Your Healing

A key aspect to setting up success in our approach to chiropractic care is getting a neurological INSiGHT scan done on the first day for new patients. This scan tells Dr. Amber the state of the nervous system, how well it can adapt to stress, and where there may be areas of concern.

For people ages 5 and up, we typically do two scans along the spine with a thermometer-like device and a third scan that takes about 3 minutes via a finger clip on the ear. While it may sound strange, it is not at all painful and Dr. Amber makes both parent and child feel very comfortable.

Proposing a Care Plan Following the Scans

After the INSiGHT scan, a proper care plan can be created. It will then be recommended along with costs during a conversation on the second visit for new patients. The second visit, which takes place within a couple days of the first appointment, takes about 30 minutes. It may include the first adjustment.

Subsequent visits take only about 10 minutes per child or parent. New scans usually happen every 12 or so visits to track progress.

Accessible Care, Community, and Healing for the Whole Family

We do everything in our power to make our care accessible for Bulverde families, including specific financial plans. Contact us now to learn more!

New Patients at Blossom Family Chiropractic and Wellness | (830) 253-5437